National Service Scheme was started in 2006. The students of the College under NSS  carry out various activities like plantation programs,welfare programs like distribution of clothes to the poor,providing books and financial aids to the students,celebrate ‘World Environment Day’, ‘Human Rights Day’,’Women’s Day’,’AIDS Day’.Taking part in such extra curricular activities helps shape their personalities,inspires them to be better citizens and encourages them to give back to the society. It has been received the following awards from University of Calcutta:

2011: Best Volunteers

2012: Best special camp college and Best Co-ordinator

2013: Best Volunteers

The College NSS unit organized Thalassemia awareness programme as well as blood group detection camp. In India Thalassemia is quite prevalent and of the major reason of such high incidence is because very few women know that they are carriers. The awareness programme was an attempt to educate them about the need of getting tested.